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Thicker than Blood, Zoe Bentley Mystery, Book 3 by Mike Omer is a gripping psychological thriller that follows FBI profiler Zoe Bentley as she investigates a series of gruesome murders. The novel delves into the complex dynamics of family relationships, the darkness of the human psyche, and the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones.

Plot Summary: The story begins with Zoe Bentley being called to a crime scene where a young woman has been brutally murdered. As Zoe delves into the investigation, she discovers that the victim’s death is linked to a string of similar killings. With the help of her partner Tatum Gray and homicide detective William Vaughan, Zoe races against time to catch the killer before more lives are lost. However, as they dig deeper, they uncover dark family secrets and a web of lies that lead them to confront their own personal demons.

Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author Mike Omer brings a chilling conclusion to Zoe Bentley’s decades-long nightmare.

A murderer drinking the blood of his victims? FBI profiler Zoe Bentley and Special Agent Tatum Gray think they’ve seen it all, but this young woman’s brutal murder is especially hard to swallow.

They didn’t expect to get this done. But vampirism aside, the killer’s MO is identical to Rod Glover – the serial killer who has pursued Zoe since childhood. Forensics reveal the murder was his work, but not his alone; Desperate to fulfill his sick purpose, he marries an equally depraved partner.

Zoe’s frustration grows after another woman turns up dead and exhausted – and another goes missing. Time is running out: Zoe knows her own death will be the culmination of Glover’s cruel drama, which has been going on for twenty years. To stop Glover and his dastardly partner, she will need to delve into their motives; but this means getting closer and closer to becoming another victim of dark thirst.

I really enjoyed Omer’s books, this is the third one I’ve read so far and will continue to read them all.

I really like Zoe Bentley and Tatumn Gray’s relationship and them as characters. I love the slow burn in their growing friendship/partnership as they learn to trust and rely on each other and how they challenge each other.

Where this story was a bit predictable, I knew who the killer was about halfway through but I still enjoyed the second half of the story and how it all came together at the end. I also really liked that there were more and more supporting characters in Zoe’s life who built her up or needed her. Zoe is not a traumatized person, but she still struggles authentically with her demons and doubts despite the education and experience she has gained.

It’s great to read a series full of characters that could be real people, from an author who not only writes well, but writes in such a way that every aspect of life is infused into the story. Omer’s books revolve around heartbreaking and violent crimes, around the police, agents and profilers who work tirelessly to solve them, but there are plenty of humorous moments mixed in. interstitial. Just like what would happen in the real world, because people have inner lives and thoughts regardless of the brutality they are facing. I think this is my favorite aspect of his books, the humanity in them. Not only are they a series of top-notch dramas, but they’re also as real as can be. Ultimately that’s what I want from fiction, I want to be able to believe the story for a while.

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