Things You Save in a Fire – Full Audiobook By Katherine Center

A new audio book with a new enthusiasm describes how with love and friendship a person becomes able to forgive those who hurt him the most. Therese Plummer narrates in a fascinating way and increases the impact of Katherine Center’s central character who is a fire fighter by profession.

Cassie Hanwell is the girl with vibrant energy that she shows every now and then whenever she sees people in distress. As a committed worker she has never stepped back all her life but a sudden decision made by her mother makes her lose most of the things that were dear to her.

The first thing that she leaves is the town in which she was well settled in her department and among the friends as well. She was loved by the Texas people but in Boston the new town where she tries to adjust she is just a no body. She finds the people of the department less enthusiastic about their job because the department lacked enough funding from the government. It was the sort of scenario where a woman is never welcomed.

Moreover the poor Cassie finds another issue creeping over i.e the issue of love that she cannot afford in such circumstance. Though she knows that an affair is not good for her at all but the temptations by the rookie are irresistible.

The novel is a totally different approach if you compare it with author’s previous works like Happiness for Beginners and The Lost Husband but one thing is common still i.e the zeal to survive in all circumstance. Katherine’s characters never lose hope or energy no matter what the circumstances are; rising in a tough situation is like their motto.

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