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In “Thirtynothing” by Lisa Jewell, the story revolves around childhood best friends Digby (Dig) and Nadine (Deen) who have just turned 30. They both lead successful lives in London, owning trendy flats and enjoying cool careers. However, they find themselves stuck in a cycle of short-lived relationships due to their close friendship and companionship with each other. As they navigate through their romantic entanglements and encounters with past loves, including Dig’s first love Delilah and Nadine’s ex-boyfriend Phil, they eventually realize that they may be perfect for each other all along.

The novel follows a romantic comedy formula where the main characters are unaware of their true feelings for each other until various events unfold, leading to a predictable yet heartwarming conclusion. Despite facing obstacles and distractions along the way, Dig and Deen’s endearing personalities and humorous situations keep the story engaging until they inevitably find their way to each other.

Have you ever wondered what happened to your first love? Imagine stumbling across them 12 years later and realizing you still like them rotting. That’s exactly what happens to Dig Ryan when he meets Delilah again.

Now imagine you are Nadine. You and Dig have been best friends for 15 years. And you finally realized that you loved him. So when Delilah – who has always been your nemesis – comes back, you get mad with jealousy and can’t help but act childish…like calling Phil just to get back at her. my first love….

Thirtynothing is a story about boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, and friends worrying about yesterday when they should really be thinking about today.

I enjoyed all the research I read/heard from Lisa Jewell. I also enjoyed some of the earlier stories narrated by Helen Duff. However, this is a painful listen. Story wise, it was good. Although I was distracted and annoyed by random things, the extremely unnecessary bits of bigoted homophobia were introduced in a very causal way. However, the performance is much more distracting because it features as many annoying tongue clicks or lip smacks as possible. I can even hear her turning the pages of the book she is reading so often! It’s very distracting and annoying.

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