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“This Girl Ran” is a memoir by Helen Croydon that chronicles her transformation from a glamorous city girl with a penchant for late nights and alcohol to an age group Team GB triathlete in just two years. The book delves into her journey of self-discovery and physical transformation as she navigates the world of endurance sport.

If you told Helen two years ago that she would wake up at six o’clock on Sunday mornings to swim in a frozen lake and spend Saturday nights without a shower and covered in mud in a pub, she will spit out his champagne. But as everyone around you begins to settle down, what else can a glamorous party girl do but venture into the world of endurance sports?

For someone who doesn’t even own a pair of flats (and certainly no waterproof shoes), Helen soon finds that she has a lot to learn.

Join Helen on her soul-searching and hilarious journey as she swaps cocktail bar life and dating for the challenges and excitement of triathlon, road running trails, obstacle courses, long-distance cycling and ocean swimming…and set themselves the seemingly impossible goal of qualifying as a Team GB triathlete.

This book shows what you can achieve when you push your body to the limit. The writer did this and as a result she performed all over the world and even qualified for a spot at the World Championships. She found a truer version of herself through sports and became a more approachable and warm person. She ditched her high heels, fancy clothes, and designer handbags for jeans, boots, and backpacks. A great example of how sports can change a person at every level.

Through practice, setting aside pain, and a persistent attitude, she became a winner. She was amazing and did not give up after the lumps, pain and dizziness but with persistence, perseverance and resistance she achieved her goal.

What I like about this book is that the author combines telling his story with giving interesting information about aspects of sports, e.g. Types of pain, importance of food.

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