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“This Reminds Me of Us” by Julia Gabriel is a heartwarming story set in the small town of St. Caroline, Maryland. The novel follows Deputy Fire Chief Oliver Wolfe and his wife Serena Wolfe. Their idyllic life is shattered when Serena is involved in a devastating car accident that leaves her with amnesia. As she struggles to piece together her past, secrets from her previous life begin to surface, challenging their relationship and family dynamics.

He’s been waiting for this day for four months…for his wife to wake up…for everything to go back to normal…a normal life that she can’t remember…a life that may not be as perfect as everyone thinks .

Deputy Fire Chief Oliver Wolfe has everything he’s ever wanted. A beautiful wife, two adorable (though rebellious) sons, a job he loves, a comfortable home, family and friends in his hometown of St. Caroline, Maryland… until the day he had to stand helplessly as his wife’s unconscious body was cut from the wreckage of her car.

Serena Wolfe is a happily married couple with a tall, dark, and handsome firefighter husband and a baby on the way to their honeymoon…until the day she wakes up from a coma and discovered that she was actually 30 years old and had two adorable (if quarrelsome) children, boys, a house, and friends…none of which she could remember.

That’s alarming enough. But Serena may have had a secret past life…that she can’t remember either.

Line of St. Caroline

Come to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and the 300-year-old town of St. Caroline, Maryland. Meet Trevor’s family – Michelle, Dan, Becca, Charlotte, Natalie, Cassidy and Lauren – and their popular quilt shop, Quilt Therapy. Across town, the men of the Wolfe family were the backbone of the St. Louis fire department. Caroline for generations – and Tim, Jack, Matt and Oliver are continuing this tradition. The series St. Caroline features emotional stories with relatable characters you’ll love, real life problems and triumphs, and sweet, sexy romance that leads to happily ever after.

Stories of the Wolfe Brothers of St. Caroline is very attractive. This family of firefighters is dedicated to their work but has a difficult life outside the Firehouse. This particular story about the eldest son revolves around a car accident his wife had that left her in a coma for 4 months and lost her memory when she woke up. Questions about why she went on that particular bus made her husband miserable. The rumors that emerged ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. The story will make you turn each page with laughter and tears. I’m looking forward to #5.

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