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This Rotten World by Jacy Morris is a zombie apocalypse novel set in Portland, Oregon. It is the first book in a five-part series and focuses on ordinary people and their stories of survival during the outbreak. The book jumps right into the action, showing the zombie outbreak at the beginning, and is full of tense moments and unwise decisions leading to character deaths. The cast of characters includes both male and female protagonists, some of whom are strong and others who are memorable for their despicable actions. The author, Jacy Morris, is a Native American writer born in Virginia and has written several other books, including The Pied Piper of Hamelin and The Enemies of Our Ancestors series.

A disease spread throughout the world. Portland, Oregon is no different. As night falls, eight men and women witness the horror of a zombie outbreak. This Rotten World is the zombie novel that horror fans have been waiting for so long. Where other zombie works leave out the best parts of the zombie outbreak, This Rotten World recounts the fall of humanity, pulling you through the early stages of society’s death, kicking and screaming..

This Corrupt World is a pretty good effort. A rather long effort too. It seemed to go on forever with its endless gloom and gloom.
This is not a kind or gentle zombie story. Most don’t but this will kill characters easily.
It takes place in Portland, OR. Quite a few zombies have taken up residence, but I digress. I didn’t really get a Portland feel from the story. Although locations and streets are mentioned, they seem to be inserted at random, and a Portland native can’t really make out where things are going. This could have been promoted more effectively.
T.L. Howell does a great job recounting a very long trip through blood, guts and the dead.

This corrupt world was something I bought on a whim. For some reason, I don’t read horror often, but I’ve read a few zombie novels here and there and loved them.

What really attracted me were the very human situations in which this story begins. A homeless man sleeps under a bridge, a man drinks in a bar after a long day before going home to his wife and children, and a gamer insults people when he kills them in Call of Duty.

After all the horrors. Danger, fear and risk are what I feel. Every times. Whenever it seems like the characters are stuck, I think “Well, how can they get out of this? Or am I reading about another death of someone I’ve loved so far?”

And make no mistake, don’t spoil it too much, it looks like no one is safe in this first installment. There are situations where you think a character will live because they have a name and personality, but no. They can and in some cases will die.

I also liked the change in perspective of each person we were viewing the story from. One minute it’s Zeke, then Clara, then Joan, and so on. Sometimes look at the same situations from different angles and perspectives. It was amazing and very well done. I always wonder who will be seen next.

There is also character development in the characters. Rudy goes from a rude, know-it-all gamer to a scared child. Katie went from a boring housewife to a seemingly heartless person. Zeke is…well, Zeke in everything he does, but with ever-evolving ethics and thinking. I love these characters and I hope that the survivors will continue to grow in meaningful ways in a world that no longer makes sense to them.


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