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This Rough Magic follows the adventures of a young playwright named Will Shakespeare who finds himself embroiled in a magical conflict involving fairies, sorcery, and political intrigue. As he navigates this dangerous world, Shakespeare must use his wit and resourcefulness to survive and protect those he cares about.

The novel explores themes such as the power of creativity and storytelling, the clash between magic and science, the nature of good and evil, and the importance of friendship and loyalty.

In the sequel to The Shadow of the Lion, the demonic wizard Chernobog, having failed in his bid to gain power in Venice, enters into a dangerous alliance with the King of Hungary to gain control of Corfu, an island holds the key to control of the Adriatic, while the heroes who saved Venice reunite to stop him.

First of all, it really doesn’t feel like a sequel…it can be read quite well as a standalone. Second, it feels like an extremely well-realized alternate history, rather than one of those popular elf-dwarf and orc fantasies we’re inundated with. Third, it actually has some closure at the end, so it’s not like some other fantasy series that seem to never go anywhere and never end.
Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, and Dave Freer are the perfect writing trio…and the tripod is the sturdiest seat. They created this rich, colorful, and incredibly complex story seamlessly, filled with historical jokes (Eneko Lopez and his friends are the seven original members of the Jesuit order). ) and even a few Baen Barfly jokes (“That’s enough.” let Erik mutter.”)
Even the small characters seen throughout are very vividly realized and are real people, not spear carriers. For example, Spiro, the Corfiote fisherman, and his friend, the fisherman captain Taki, are the people caught up in the story’s gaze.
I’m halfway through this book and it grabbed my attention so much that I snuck in a few more pages throughout the day.
This is what alternative world fantasies should be. Please note Kim Stanley Robinson, Harry Turtledove and other practitioners. This is the reigning champion of this field.

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