Through a Glass Darkly – Commissario Brunetti Mysteries Book 15

Through a Glass Darkly is the 15th novel of horror and suspense in the Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series by author Donna Leon. In the glorious springtime in Venice, Commissario Brunetti and his sidekick Vianello play pickpocketing from Questura along the Grand Canal to rescue Marco.

Marco is a friend of Vianello, who was arrested during an environmental protest. Commissario Brunetti frees Marco, facing the anger of Marco’s father-in-law, who owns a glass factory on Murano. The old man is in a riot, his daughter says that he is afraid that he will hurt Marco.

Marco revealed the sinful secret of the glass foundry, whose body was found lying in front of the furnace at 1400 degrees Celsius. The victim left a clue in a copy of Dante and Brunetti had to go to hell to be examined. Find out who is burning the land and dirtying the waters of the Venetian lagoon. Will politics and urgency stop the killer from striking again?

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:
01- Commissario Brunetti’s family and friends become your family and friends. His boss Pata becomes a useless, incompetent climber. This is Dona’s novel illustrated with local crime themes.

02- This is a book by Commissario Brunetti that is always loved and received by readers. The story of Laguna’s degradation revolves around a murder. Guido is always interested in his investigations and he loves to enjoy dinner with his family and describe what they are eating.

03 – This is a book about the intelligent Venetian and Commissario character, trying to find the killer in the maze of politics, tax evasion and marked personal relationships.
Each installment of the Donna Leon series uses crime to discuss and explore a larger social issue: drugs, immigration, homosexuality…
In Through A Glass, she talks about crime and its consequences that cause her to back down from the pollution problem.
What happened to the funny Alvise and his very funny text messages? Signorina Ellectra, the beautiful secretary whose graceful cunning skills amazed Brunetti seemed to have been developed to the extent possible. Leon is asked to spend a reasonable amount of time explaining the mechanics involved in a crime that leaks the tension of an ongoing murder.
Leon fails to develop his killer character as a criminal.

04- Murano’s murder and pollution by the glass industry provides the background for a novel that speaks to the mind of major ecological issues. Brunette is her usual sly and stubborn self.
The wonderful book is set against the beautiful backdrop of Venice and its pollution contrasted with the floral scents of spring. The usual characters – Vianello, Signora Elettra, Patta are pale reflections of their often vibrant, powerful selves. Some characters like Ribetti and Pucetti were introduced and then dropped too quickly. While the ending doesn’t usually address the crime in Leon’s Brunetti books, I found this book’s ending abrupt. If one is a fan of the Brunetti series, this book will get you excited but not a deadly grip.

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