Tower of Dawn (Full Audiobook) A Throne of Glass Novel By Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J.Maas never provided her characters the chance for love and romance and just when you thought that she does not like those things in the life of the warrior you get this part. It is obvious now that the whole scenario of tragedy in Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows was intentional.

Sarah now after years of tragedy brings romance and love in the air along with the new generation that is slowly taking its position in the different stages of life. Chaol Westfall is the new face that we expect to see further in the series as he is the new captain of the royal forces and the one who is true to the throne. 

With no greed of the throne this true super soldier is ready to make the miracles happen for the state. Though fearless like Celaena the captain still possesses one major difference, he is enthusiastic about life, and the passion has not left him yet.

The colors of romance can be seen in the air but once again it is just for the first scene as a single tragedy takes this warrior to a state where he can neither live nor kill himself. His team and the castle the two things he considered his life once are taken away from him. 

Even the physical strength is not left with this warrior as his body is in a precarious state. The enemies never showed mercy on him they left him in such a state that he could be an example for everyone who dare to challenge. Still there is a little hope left for the captain as he can be healed by the supreme healers and then he would be able to avenge for what is lost. The narration department is without any change as Elizabeth Evans continues to mesmerize us with her voice. 

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