Treasure Island (Full Audiobook) By Robert Louis Stevenson

A childhood fascination comes to life with the opening of the novel that hints towards the presence of the mysterious Treasure Island. Almost all the fiction lovers have heard tales about an island with a lot of treasure in it. Who buried this treasure remains a mystery for many and for some it is the quest that can make or break them in the end. There is not just one simple map that leads to the treasure rather one map leads to another and there are clues and hints and no proper description of the place. 

With the solution of each riddle the quest comes nearer to the goal but the riddles are not the only problem that the one in search of the treasure faces. Pirates are after the treasure too and they think that it is rightfully theirs because their captain buried that treasure on the island before his death. Sea voyage between the storms and brutal winds becomes a cursed nightmare for the entire crew in search of the big fortune that the map promises. Robert Louis Stevenson has added all the ingredients of success in this spicy meatball.

 Many of the fans since their childhood consider it a travelogue but that is not true because travelogues don’t possess such sort of thrill and action in them. Philip Glenister, Catherine Tate, Owen Teale and Daniel Mays have narrated separate characters but coordination suffered at different points where a little pace was needed. A few pauses here and there spoil the show little bit but it is the strong story that keeps the listeners pasted with their seats.   

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