Trial by Fire – Ali Reynolds Book 5

Trial by Fire is the fifth novel in Series: Ali Reynolds by author J. A. Jance. This is the best novel and will not let you down. In the heat of the Arizona desert, a raging fire pushed the temperature to deadly levels, a woman was burned. Anselm has dedicated her life to advocating for unidentified patients. Ali is struggling to help Anselm find the identities of the women.

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Review 1: Trial by Fire – Ali Reynolds Book 5 audiobook by Jean

Trial By Fire

I had listened to other Ali Reynolds stories by J.A.Jance and each time I thought I might not listen to her next book in the series. I am very glad I went ahead and listen to this one as it was the best one she has done in this series. I had felt in the other books that Ali was lost but this book got her a new job and purpose for the story. Lots of nail biting suspense and still the calm of the family interaction. Great characters in the story. You will enjoy it.

Review 2: Trial by Fire – Ali Reynolds Book 5 audiobook by Cracker1951

Crisp writing – Jance is just getting better

I am a long-time Jance fan so expected a good read, but realized part way through that this is some of her best work so far. The writing is absolutely crisp so things unfold at a steady pace while also providing excellent character development and a solid story line. Multiple characters and story threads can be confusing sometimes & I think the audiobook format may accentuate that problem, however, in Trial By Fire, Jance draws the characters and outlines the story threads so distinctly that this is not a problem at all. If you like a good puzzle as well as emotional context, then you will find Trail By Fire right down you alley. I suggest this is a good novel to start with if you are new to Jance’s work.

Review 3: Trial by Fire – Ali Reynolds Book 5 audiobook by Brent

Enjoyable Listen

Well crafted story, interesting characters, though some of the action is a bit “super-human” style, but enjoyable nonetheless. Typical well-thought-out story line, and character development.

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