Uncrowned – Cradle Book 7

Uncrowned is the seventh book in the Cradle series by author Will Wight. The most sacred artists on the Cradle rule with unimaginable power. They are mysterious and aloof, meeting a person is facing a legend. After all, they gathered the best students to join the successor as the best.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Uncrowned – Cradle Book 7 audiobook by James

The Biggest Flaw

The Biggest Flaw with these books, is how short each of them are. It’s painful because the story and characters are so compelling, and each books feels like only a brief glimpse into their world. It leaves you ever so slightly disappointed, and ravenously wanting more.

Review 2: Uncrowned – Cradle Book 7 audiobook by TomDog200

The author hates the main character

All throughout the books you’ve had a feeling that lindon just cant win no matter what he does. In ghostwater this problem was largely fine and it is still the best book in my opinion. But everytime the author gets your blood pumping he pours cold water waking you up. It is a absolutely horrible experience. I would not recommend reading this book and just stopping at Ghostwater or Underlord if you have already read it.

This was the worst book yet and i have absolutely no idea how the author is going to get me to read the next after that dumpsterfire of a finale.

Why doesnt he just let us have fun?

Review 3: Uncrowned – Cradle Book 7 audiobook by Dennis Hettema

Loved the entire series

I binge listened virtually non stop. Absolutely love the characters, the story and the style. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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