War and Peace (Full Audiobook) By Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy is a famous writer and achieved a lot of success both in the form of awards and rewards. His book, War and Peace is an epic example of his literary abilities and how he produces content, which is unmatchable with that of his contemporaries. The book is categorized as classical European literature and have everything, which you expect from a novel of such genre. Frederick Davidson is the proud narrator of this long novel of 61 hours, where his sharp and apt voice has literally raised the stature of this well written novel.

War and Peace is often regarded by many as the greatest novel ever written, and this is possibly not an overstatement. The book depicts the timelines and scenarios on and about the Napoleonic wars and makes it a philosophical study and the much well deserved festivity of the Russian spirit as well.

The geniuses of Leo Tolstoy is clearly dominant in the swarm of characters that he produced in this enormous chronicle. All of the characters are completely realized and are also equally memorable.

Right of this complex narrative comes out a highly thoughtful scrutiny of the individual’s place, while being within the historic process. It is the one, which makes things crystal clear that why actually Thomas Man when on to praise Leo Tolstoy for having all those Homeric powers and then put this War and Peace saga in the category same as that of The Iliad.

War and Peace, Volume 2 and Anna Karenina are other famous novels from Leo Tolstoy, which you will love to the maximum for sure. After reading the subject novel, you will be automatically inclined towards its volume 2.


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