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What Alice Forgot is a novel by author Liane Moriarty. The story revolves around Alice, building on the events of the lost decade and figuring out what it means to recreate life? Finally Alice learns whether oblivion and blessing or curse she must go through. We invite you to watch this fascinating story unfold.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: What Alice Forgot audiobook by Judy

Unforgettable! I loved this story!

I loved this story! We got the view point from three different people: Alice, her sister and Frannie. I think it was just creatively done and it was a multidimensional story with the three viewpoints and you not only got to know Alice through their eyes, you got to know the other two and what they’ve gone through in the present and in the past.

One negative of the audiobook version which could be overlooked because the story was just beautiful. I didn’t love the narrator unfortunately. In fact, in the beginning, I didn’t really realize when Alice’s viewpoint switched to her sister’s viewpoint….the narrator had the same exact voice and tone for both of them.

Review 2: What Alice Forgot audiobook by Pamela J

The great do-over!

This book made me squirm uncomfortably and put it down occasionally just so I could do a little soul searching. This story is so cleverly told through hindsight and foresight and answers that universal question: if I could go back would I make the same decisions? It brilliantly points out that the obvious choice, the easy choice and the smart choice while easily discernable from the outside, on the inside, with circumstances and issues nagging at you – – the choices are much more difficult. And while the characters and narrators are Australian, the circumstances are universal. I *think* this might be more appealing if you have a few years under your belt, but I sure as heck would have loved to have read it 10-years ago!

Loved it.

Review 3: What Alice Forgot audiobook by Alexandra

had a bit of a problem with the performance

After listening to quite a number of brilliant narrators that are able to make the different characters sound so different that you “recognize their voices” I struggled with Tamara Lovatt-Smith’s performance. Without barely a break, the narration switches between Alice, her sister and her granny, but her voice is exactly the same! It always took me about 2 sentences before I caught on that the scene had changed. The seamless change of perspective without a clue but the words themselves really irritated me for a great part of the book.
Also although the narrator herself is of Australian origin, I didn’t hear that. She sounded almost British to me and didn’t suit the story in my eyes.
Sorry, but I don’t understand why the performance got such high marks.
The story itself was quite enjoyable and saved the audiobook for me.

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