Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (Audiobook online)

The book starts with the description of a women who lives in isolation and then later she finds the true meaning of life and we get the message that the writer wants to tell us that love has no boundaries and the moment we start sinking in this though we face a tragedy, thus the story is not only with several themes but it also depicts the situations that we might face in our life all of a sudden when we are not expecting them at all.

Delia Owens write in the superb way that has made the writer famous over the years through the books like The Eye of the Elephant and Der Gesang der Flusskrebse.

The writing always makes you delve deeper into the plot and you cannot get out until you have finished the tale. This time even the character is a superb one, the marshy girl Kya Clark lives in the quiet town North Carolina.

Kya is sensitive and intelligent but there is something different about her as she lives in isolation and because of this she is considered as a spooky thing in the town but her life changes when she finds true love in the form of two men who find in her the wild beauty charm that they always desired Kya too opens herself to them but then the tragedy of Chase Andrews murder changes her life once again as she appears to be the prime suspect in the case. Cassandra Campbell’s narrates the story well and the narration mingles well with the story and blends excellently with the characters and their character.

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