Windigo Island – Cork O’Connor Book 14

Windigo Island is the 14th mystery and suspense novel in the Cork O’Conno series by author William Kent Krueger. On Windigo Island, the body of an Ojibwe girl washed up on the beach. Locals at the Bad Bluff reserve believe it to be the work of Windigo mythology. The dead girl’s friends are also missing, and PI sheriff Cork O’Connor will risk all dangers to bring her home.

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Review 1: Windigo Island – Cork O’Connor Book 14 by Carole T.

All Saints

I love the characters in Krueger’s Cork O’Connor series. They are mostly back for this adventure, and, as always, adventure it is!

The story line involves rescuing girls of Ojibwe ancestry from the evils they often find when they run away from the reservation. As young as 13 or 14, they are often enticed into lives of prostitution and have nowhere to turn for safety. This brings Cork, along with Jenny and Henry and others, into the dangerous world of the Lake Superior docks in Duluth.

As is usually evident in this series, there’s a spiritual element involving the “Windigo,” a demon of myth and, in this case, a real man and his cohorts. Cork, Henry, and Jenny face physical danger and their personal devils and anxieties along the way.

So, the story moves along, and we are happy to be in the company of these people. My one concern is that Cork and his family (and extended family) have all become quite saintly. I miss the old conflict that Cork had with his wife. Henry has always served as the conscience of this world, and his spirituality and wisdom are believable and inspiring (although his physical exploits at nearly 100 stretch the imagination). I’m not quite ready to accept that all the characters have joined him in perfection.

Not sure where such flawless characters can go from here!

Review 2: Windigo Island – Cork O’Connor Book 14 by Tupelo Honey

Finished all Cork

Last Cork book for now. I’m going to miss him. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Some more than others. The subject of this one was heartbreaking and for 2 had a good end but how many don’t get to be found. It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so evil in their treatment of those who are weak and vulnerable. Something animals don’t have in them. It was nice too to see Jenny learn firsthand what her dad does. I always thought she and her mother always demeaned what he does. Oh, and I am sooooo glad I don’t have to listen to Jo’s constant selfish nagging anymore. All in all this is ONE SUPER SERIES and I can’t wait for the next installment.

Review 3: Windigo Island – Cork O’Connor Book 14 by Ed in GA

Last Book

I guess this is the the end of Cork O’Connor series! I’m going to miss it because Windigo Island is one of the best with a lot action. With his daughter Jennie
Being a big part of the story. KRUEGER has other books that I will check out while I wait for his next O’conner book. Oh Chandler does a bad Indian voice.

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