Winter’s Heart (Full Audiobook) Book Nine of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

One mission after the other has been the fate of the characters that are a part of “The Wheel of Time”. Robert Jordon always engages all of his characters at the same time. Though the characters are given different tasks the main mission is the same at the end. This thing makes them a part of a single battle only the stages are different for each one of them.

The team of heroes this time tries to accomplish the impossible as it tries to tackle the source of all evils i.e The Wheel of Time. No one has ever been able to control the Wheel of Time that decides the fate of ages and races. This time from the previous part Path of Daggers the climate too, has been altered by the Wheel thus making life miserable for all the living beings of the planet. Cadsuane is spying this time as she goes behind Rand and his allies in order to know their little secret.

All of the characters are in search of Faile who is yet to be found. The character though not present right from the start but gains more and more important as several of the mortals and the immortals talk about it again and again. The enemies hidden in the Black Tower are revealed which means that now it’s clear who the enemies are and what are their strengths and weaknesses. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer have highlighted the wedding of the daughter of the nine moons with their narration to add a bit of love and romance in the war zone that is eating up people.

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