Wunderland A Novel By Jennifer Cody Epstein

Wunderland is a fictional novel by author Jennifer Cody Epstein. The novel was a bestseller in USA Today. The story is about a daughter who is searching for the truth about her mother’s secret past, trapped in old secrets and terrible lies.

Berlin teenagers Ilse Fischer and Renate Bauer find their friendship fractured due to their country’s sudden turn to fascism. Ilse a so-called Aryan throws her heavily into the Nazi Party, while Renate sees her once safe world destroyed by Adolf Hitler’s race laws and shocking betrayal. Decades later that same betrayal will take the life of Ava, Ilse’s daughter, as she uncovers buried truths about her mother’s past. Wunderland traces the lives of three women across two generations – and the devastating consequences of choices made during the dark days of wartime Germany.

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