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The Secret Servant is the seventh book in the Gabriel Allon series written by Daniel Silva. It is a thrilling espionage novel that follows the adventures of Gabriel Allon, an Israeli intelligence officer and art restorer.

The story begins with a terrorist attack in Amsterdam, where a bomb explodes outside the Israeli embassy, killing several people. Gabriel Allon, who is now working as an art restorer in Venice, is called back into service by his mentor, Ari Shamron, the head of Israeli intelligence. Allon is tasked with finding the mastermind behind the attack and preventing further acts of terrorism.

As Allon investigates the bombing, he discovers a connection to a Saudi billionaire named Zizi al-Bakari. Al-Bakari is known for his financial support of radical Islamic groups and has ties to various terrorist organizations. Allon suspects that al-Bakari may be planning another attack and sets out to gather intelligence on him.

To get closer to al-Bakari, Allon recruits a young British woman named Madeline Hart. Hart is the daughter of the British ambassador to Washington and has been kidnapped by terrorists while on a humanitarian mission in Iraq. Allon believes that if he can rescue Hart, he can use her as leverage to gain information on al-Bakari.

Allon’s plan to rescue Hart involves infiltrating a terrorist cell in Amsterdam. With the help of his team, he manages to rescue Hart and bring her back to safety. However, their mission is far from over. They soon discover that al-Bakari has plans to carry out a devastating attack on London.

As Allon races against time to stop the attack, he must navigate through a web of deception and betrayal. He uncovers a conspiracy involving high-ranking officials from various countries who are secretly supporting al-Bakari’s terrorist activities. With the lives of thousands at stake, Allon must use all his skills and resources to uncover the truth and prevent the attack.

The Secret Servant is a gripping and fast-paced thriller that delves into the world of international espionage and terrorism. It explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the lengths one man will go to protect his country and those he loves.

The last time we met Gabriel Allon, the master art restorer and sometimes officer of Israeli intelligence, he had just won a bloody showdown with the Saudi terrorist financier Zizi al – Bakari. Now, Gabriel is once again summoned by his masters to perform a seemingly routine mission: travel to Amsterdam to purge the archives of a murdered Dutch terrorism analyst. , who also happened to be the property of Israeli intelligence.
But upon arriving in Amsterdam, Gabriel soon discovers a terrorist plot smoldering in the city’s Muslim underground, one about to explode on the other side of the English Channel, in the middle of London.

The target of this conspiracy was Elizabeth Halton, the daughter of the American ambassador to the St. James’, who would be brutally kidnapped. Gabriel arrived a few seconds too late to save her. And by revealing his face to the masterminds of the conspiracy, his fate is sealed as well.

Once again embroiled in the service of American intelligence, Gabriel plunges into a desperate search for the missing woman as the clock ticks steadily toward the hour of her execution. It will take him from Amsterdam to Germany to the ends of Denmark. It will push him into an unlikely alliance with a man who has lost everything to devout Islam. It will make him question the ethics of his trading tactics. And it could very well cost him his life.

Another exciting adventure for Mr. Allon and his team. This time I don’t mind the narrator because the story is so compelling. It’s a bit violent but so is most espionage. I’m such a fan and I hope Silva writes some more thrilling adventures involving these characters. Enjoy!

This is a good follow-up story in the series. As usual, the authors clearly and unambiguously describe the geography allowing you to feel like you are there. The geopolitical message continues to be relevant wrapped up in an interesting story.

I am a fan of the Alon series and have read in order. I noticed a significant improvement in the author’s craft in this book – although none of the books left me cynical or desirable.

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