Best Audiobook 2021 – Hide By Lisa Gardner

Hide is the work of combining Maggi-Meg Reed – an excellent storyteller and Lisa Gardner – famous author of horror genre. Hide is the second novel in the Detective D.D. series. Warren by famous author Lisa Gardner. The content of this book talks about a haunting case that almost killed and changed Bobby Dodge’s life.

The case took place in an underground room on the campus of an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts. He discovers 6 horrible mummies found at a psychiatric hospital, a terrible evil about the return of the killer that he thinks he is dead and buried.

In that city a woman named Annabelle Granger, she was running away from everyone. Her childhood was new cities and hypothetical identities. Her family is running away from people who she doesn’t know.

A body was excavated at the grave, wearing a necklace named Annabelle. She could not run away anymore, she was forever lying under that tomb. Dodge knew the only way to decipher the mysteries of Annabelle Granger. To do that, he must team up with his ex and friend D.D Warren. Bobby’s women of the past who could become murderers are strangely related to Annabelle.

Hide is a horror film that goes into the deepest and darkest fear. Invite you to watch the next development of this fascinating novel.

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