Paradise (Full Audiobook) By Craig Alanson

Craig Alanson is one gem of a writer and has some really amazing writing skills with great creativity. This is thoroughly demonstrated in this subject novel, Paradise with great dramatization of unbelievable situations and characters. It is book 3 of the popular Expeditionary Force novel series. The narration of this 15 hours long book is given effortlessly by R.C. Bray in a very calm and sophisticated tone.

The story of the starship Flying Dutchman continues with the same enthusiasm for the listeners where it ended up in its prequel. The crew of the starship is trying hard this time to ascertain people that the antagonistic aliens are known to not have any form of access to Earth.

The Expeditionary Force of the UN is stranded on the Paradise, which is the nickname given to the planet they were on. The Flying Dutchman is on yet another mission and the UN is looking to get the status about the state of the people of Paradise. But, Colonel Joe Bishop advises that they all might not like what they will find there.

Craig Alanson is well recognized as a quality author as many of his other books are also loved and appreciated his creativity and writing brilliance. Renegades and Homefront are his other popular novels, which made him the writer, what he is today.

As expected and you guess it right that both these recommended novels from Craig Alanson are also based on science fiction. Still, you will find all his novels totally refreshing set apart with their own individuality and uniqueness. And, nothing could really be done about this, especially without risking the planet Earth.

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