Online Free Audiobook – Tom Clancy: Power and Empire By Marc Cameron

 Tom Clancy: Power and Empire is the 17th chapter in A Jack Ryan Novel series. The author of this chapter is Marc Cameron. The Tom Clancy universe is the best-known work of the author. Tom Clancy Shadow of the Dragon and Tom Clancy Code of Honor are among his best works.

Tom Clancy: Power and Empire is an action and adventure novel. The narration of this chapter is done by Scott Brick in his signature style. The audience praised his performance a lot and want him to continue further with the series.

Jack Ryan is up against a devastating challenge coming from the Chinese government. The pawns from different intelligence agencies were moves all around the global chessboard. There is a case of an attack on an African oil platform. There is a terrorist attack over a US destroyer. There are chances of an American spy ship being captured by the Chinese. It looks like President Zhao is determined to limit the choices of Jack Ryan in the negotiations at the G20 summit.

There is a hint about a lot of other activities as well behind the scenes. A traffic stop in the rural Texas area made a shocking discovery. There was a connection with a Chinese spy. He might have some serious intelligence. John Clark along with the other members of the Campus is in a very close chase of the spy. But, will they be able to get the information in time?

The realism and pace of this novel will remind you of the writing of Tom Clancy in the same series. It is a great read overall and it guarantees good literary time.

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