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Arsenic in the Azaleas is the first mystery novel in Dale Mayer’s Lovely Lethal Gardens series.
After her ex-husband leaves her, a former socialite student Doreen Montgomery has a chance to find a new life in the form of her grandmother, Nan’s, dilapidated old house in picturesque Kelowna. The work of caring for animals that Nan can’t afford not to participate in life is supported with her: Thaddeus, the lovable African gray parrot with a ripe vocabulary, and his friend, Goliath, a cat monster-sized with an equally monstrous attitude.

The fresh start that Doreen and her beloved basset terrier, Mugs, desperately need. Things start to look for Doreen, the cat Goliath and the dog Mugs find a human finger in Nan’s ravaged garden.

Once the police start digging, the remains of the body will emerge and turn out to be related to an old unsolved crime.

With her grandmother as the prime suspect, Doreen soon discovers she stumbled across the clues and fueled Corporal Mack Moreau’s final morale. As she tries her best to prove her beloved Nan innocent of murder.

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