(Audiobook Online) Alive and Killing – David Wolf Book 3

Alive and Killing is the third mystery and horror novel in the David Wolf series by Jeff Carson. Alive and Killing is an action mystery thriller about Wolf teaming up with a beautiful FBI agent to foil a transcontinental plot that threatens anyone lucky enough to stumble upon it.

In just one day, Colorado cop David Wolf trades through murky waters and even politics in a murky small town for an overnight camping trip in the wilderness with his son. mine. When a newly burned man shows up on their trail, falling from the heavy load in his backpack and running wildly from something, Wolf suspects his father and son’s camping trip may be back to normal. should be worse.

Unfortunately, his instincts kicked in and Wolf was forced to act with the last person he wanted inside in a deadly battle – his only son.

Their harrowing escape from several death passes through the valleys, local FBI agents want to take over Wolf’s investigation, hoping to stop murder and corruption that originates 7000 miles away in Afghanistan. Wolf ignored the FBI’s refusal even when the case involved national security. Not when his son’s safety was at stake.

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