Backflash, A Parker Novel – Audiobook Online

Backflash, A Parker Novel – Audiobook Online By: Richard Stark.

After the publication of Butcher’s Moon in 1974, Donald Westlake said, “Richard Stark proved to me that he had a life of his own by simply disappearing. He’s gone.” And listeners waited.

But nothing bad really goes away forever, and Parker is just as bad as they come. According to Westlake, one day in 1997, “suddenly, he came back from the dead, with a pale face in prison” – and subsequent novels show that neither Parker nor Stark have lost their way.

Backflash finds Parker inspecting the scene on a gambling boat on the Hudson River. However, Parker doesn’t like relaxation or risk, so you can be sure he’s playing for house money – and he’s willing to do anything to tilt the odds in his favor. With a fantastic heist cast, an impressive setting, and a new introduction by Westlake’s best friend and writing partner Lawrence Block, this classic Parker adventure deserves an honorable place in the show. any crime fan’s library.

We and Parker got out of the crashed car. The driver, Marshal Howell, was sandwiched between the seat, dash and steering wheel; “Like jelly in a donut”. He’s not going anywhere. Parker grabbed the bag and examined Howell. Contrary to his first instinct, Parker walked away. A man named Caffman called Parker at Claire’s home on Coliver’s Pond, which he received from Howell’s wife. This in itself is a serious problem. One that may have to be handled later. Caffman is the man inside. Work, a gambling boat, The Spirit of the Hudson. Two other men in the series, Dan Visha and Mike Carlow. So much for setting up the story.


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