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Key of Valor is the third love book in the series: Key Trilogy by author Nora Roberts.
What happens when the gods themselves depend on mortals for help? Three very different young girls discover when they are invited to Warrior’s Peak.
Light and Knowledge succeeded in their quest and two of the keys were found. The final and final test belongs to Zoe McCourt – Valor.

Zoe has the courage to raise her young son alone and face all the adversities life throws at them. Does she have the courage to face an enemy determined to do anything to prevent the third key being found – even destroying everything and the people she holds dear?

A Nora Roberts novel is usually a simple romance between a boy and a girl with a backstory. A little out of the box, The Key Trilogy is fantasy, i.e. witches and Celtic gods of the Sci-Fi type. One character even walks through a mirror like in Alice In Wonderland. However, Roberts still sticks to her opulent lighting formula with typical barbaric romances *roll-eye-roll-forward* and a gripping mystery.

All of the characters are deadly beautiful, and much of the story is a will-you-will-not-her romance. Two of the Celtic gods are personified by a handsome couple who own a mansion in a beautiful town. They invite three women, complete strangers to each other, to complete a mysterious quest (hint: involving keys, duh), which means three books, one for each.

Anyway, if you like Nora Roberts, sweet love scenes that don’t fade, a bit of mystery, mystery/Sci-fi, then these scenes will be suitable.

Brilliance Audio, 2008, Susan Ericksen’s narration (same readership with the In Death series) is as great as ever. Each book takes about 10 hours of listening time.

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