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Meet Me There is the first book in author Judy Corry’s series.

A dark Chemistry lab. It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love.

When 16-year-old Ashlyn Brooks stumbles across a sweet English guy in a dark Chemistry lab, she has no idea she’s actually sitting in a pitch-black room with her longtime rival. me, Luke Davenport. Nor did she know that she had stepped into one of the soccer captain’s other jokes. She shares things she’s never told anyone, and begins to fall for a mysterious guy with a sexy voice who seems to understand her in a way no one else has before.

When Luke’s mother died the summer before his senior year, he turned to pranking Ashlyn to keep him from forgetting the loss. He even more regretted using his fake British accent in the first place. Soon, Luke is on a slim road to keeping his lies a secret and wishes he could tell her that the guy she’s falling for is really him.

This author came across my TikTok feed where it reeled me in to read books and I am proud did because I actually really did love this and honestly can wait to read of here stories because the book I read of her was decent however not my favorite but in my option it’s hard to get to my favorite and I don’t know why since it all things that just sit well with me that make me want to actually read it over and over again and this did not do the job but I definitely would recommend to others since I did find it cute especially if someone needs a pick me up from a hard day I will have to say this definitely will cheer you up

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