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Murder at the University is the second mystery novel in the DI Hillary Greene series by Faith Martin.
A beautiful French student is found dead in her room at an exclusive Oxford university. Another tragic case of accidental drug overdose.

But Detective Hillary Greene is very sensitive to the truth. She quickly discovered that the student had been engaged in some very unusual activities.

With the shocking cause of death found, the case turns into a high-profile murder investigation. Adding pressure, Hillary’s nemesis is transferred to work with her at the station. Can Hillary stay calm and get justice for the unfortunate student?

Faith Martin’s second entry in the DI Hillary Greene series is, as promised, a gripping crime mystery full of twists. There are many suspects, but the conclusion is a complete surprise. Her characters are distinctive and easy to remember.

Martin also is great at weaving in aspects of the personal lives of Hillary and her colleagues without overdoing it.

A young woman student is found dead in her room at St. Anselm’s College in Oxford. She was a scholarship student from France; her father as a pharmacist and could never have afforded the college cost.

But to DI Hillary Greene and her team, some things look downright odd. It’s not a drugs-related death; only one pinprick is found on her arm and the girl was known to hate drugs. Her closets and drawers are filled with high-priced clothes, way too expensive for a scholarship student. And her key ring contains two keys that don’t seem to fit anything.

When the medical examiner reports that there’s bruising on her back consistent with being held down and an injection forced, and death was due to crack laced with an experimental version of warfarin, a rat poison, Greene knows they’re dealing with murder.

“Murder at the University” by Faith Martin is the second novel in the DI Hillary Greene series, and it’s a story of nothing being what it looks like. The victim will turn out to have a significant course of income that almost no one knew about, the head of a local prostitution ring may be involved, and floating in the background is a raid by activists on an animal lab. Greene herself is still dealing with the fallout of her now-dead former husband being a bent cop. And the policeman who investigated her as part of the Internal Affairs probe is being transferred to the Kidlington police force, and he may have more than a professional interest in DI Greene.

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