Protect and Defend Full Audiobook Mitch Rapp Book 10 By Vince Flynn

Protect and Defend marks the 10th chapter of the long and beautiful Mitch Rapp novel series. It is very rarely seen for a crime mystery thriller to run that successfully for that long. The award winning and best-selling author, Vince Flynn has written his heart out in producing such a novel with a top tier storyline and absolutely amazing characterization. George Guidall is impressive with his stern voice once again and really makes the audience believe that they are actually hearing the Mitch Rapp character in real.

This novel so far is the fieriest political thriller that Vince Flynn has ever written. In this novel, the action initiates from Iran. The country is investing billions of dollars on its nuclear program and looking to make it a success soon. Israel soon launches a daring operation, which leaves a radioactive vault right in the center of the 2nd largest city of Iran. The outraged government of Iran blamed both United States and Iran and asked for retribution. There comes Mitch Rapp into the scene and convinces Josh Alexander, the President to go with the signing of a risky deal.

If you read through one novel of Vince Flynn then it is certain that you have gone through the entire novel in one go with its audio narration. His novels are surely that tempting. Another thing that you must feel after listening his one novel is to listen more written by the author. If that is the case with you, then you must try out the audio books of the author with the names of: Kill Shot and Lethal Agent. You surely wouldn’t regret your decision and the time you spent on listening to these novels.

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