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Murder in Greenwich is a biography by author Mark Fuhrman.
Detective L.A. retired and was a witness in the O.J. The trial of Simpson Mark Fuhrman, the investigator who murdered 15-year-old Martha Moxley. Martha was beaten and stabbed with a walking stick in her family’s Greenwich, CT, estate on the night of October 30, 1975.

The club belongs to the Skakel family, whose two sons, Thomas and Michael, were at with Martha the night she died. Ethel Skakel Kennedy is the boy’s aunt – refuses to cooperate with the police and the murder remains unsolved. Fuhrman’s new book addresses the mission from the very beginning and reveals explosive new information, including how the local police mishandle the information, how the murder weapon is found – and subsequently lost. loss, the extent of affection and influence that can be included in the investigation, and how the authorities tried to thwart the Fuhrman investigation.

This book is great! Mark Fuhrman did a GREAT job!!! I’ve actually had a lot of people I know borrow this book from me and they all love how well it’s written. Such a gruesome murder. I definitely believe it’s Michael Skakel. He has openly admitted to killing her with people from his past. I think it was a crime od passion I don’t believe he intended to kill her but he deserves to serve the rest of his prison sentence. He got off the car with only 20 years! (He served 11 years) but 20 years to take a life!?!? He got off the car easily!

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