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My Sinful Desire is the second love book in the Sinful Men series by author Lauren Blakely.
A passionate, emotional, sinful romance novel by the New York Times best-selling author.

I live my life by a few simple rules – don’t let anyone in, trust only my family and never stay more than three nights with a woman.

Those were easy enough to stick to when I met the gorgeous, charming, and absolutely brilliant Sophie Winston, who wanted nothing more than to explore all her sinful desires with me after dark. Lust puts me in tight control in the bedroom.

I can keep secrets that I need to protect. Not just stories about my family, but stories about how she intertwines with my dangerous past.

She learns the truth, I am faced with a whole new choice – let her go or give up control of my heart for the first time.

The past is chasing both of us right now and it just caught up.

When Lauren Blakely says this is her dirtiest talker yet? You listen. Because let me tell you, no one thus far in the author’s stable of sexy men has even come close to the one and only Ryan Sloan. In fact, I’m still gasping for air at the absolute pleasure this man delivered. And quite content to stay that way I might add.

How this talented author continues to up her game is anyone’s guess. The way she seamlessly combines a touching and sensitive story-line with the most sensual and erotic sex scenes completely floors me. Add to that two smart, mature and well-written characters in Ryan and Sophie and you’ve got the perfect combination for an exquisite book.

Ryan, the dominant alpha male, has certainly met his match in Sophie Winston. Although Sophie is herself a very successful businesswoman, she still craves the man that can both satisfy her mentally as well as in the bedroom. Her willingness to submit is never presented as a weakness. Instead the author thoughtfully allows our heroine to enjoy herself while letting go but is never demeaned for knowing what she wants. Ryan attends to her every need and together their chemistry is explosive. Having already experienced a short or two from prior Blakely books, it’s a miracle my Kindle is still working!

With Ryan still trying to come to grips with a crime that was first mentioned in Sweet Sinful Nights and what it has done to him all these years later, it is beautiful to watch as the walls around his heart start to melt as he and Sophie become closer. However, because this incident and the fallout still being felt could jeopardize any sort of happiness, it will be up to both of them to be honest, be strong and face whatever may come.

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