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Nimitz Class is the first mystery novel in the Admiral Arnold Morgan series by author Patrick Robinson.

It was as big as the Empire State Building, a massive floating fortress at the center of a US Navy carrier battle group. Its supersonic aircraft can level an entire city in the blink of an eye. Its surveillance equipment can track any target within thousands of square miles – in the air, on the water and under the sea. Its team of 6,000 people works day and night to keep this amazing military machine at peak performance. Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carrier, the most powerful weapon system on the planet. Nothing can touch it.

When the first startling messages stated only that the Thomas Jefferson had disappeared, the navy reacted with skepticism. As her battered escorts report it, the truth is indisputable: a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier has been declared the result of a nuclear disaster – the most powerful military unit on earth, destroyed evaporated without warning by an accidental explosion that became invisible force. No other explanation is possible.

Navy specialist Bill Baldridge begins to investigate the disaster that claimed his idol brother’s life, another terrifying alternative that begins to emerge from a high-tech network of fleeting sonar communications. past and elusive radar blobs. It turns out to be a rogue submarine commanded by a world-class undersea warrior with the tough nerves and cunning of a master spy. Bill Baldridge must hunt down this dark nuclear terrorist who turned America’s ultimate weapon into the biggest sitting duck in history – and who still has another nuclear-tipped torpedo in the tube. mine. He proved he had cold ruthlessness by incinerating 6,000 sailors without hesitation. What will he do for the encore part?

In this soundtrack, the modern military comes to life, from the tense Pentagon meetings to the screaming flight deck of a giant aircraft carrier to the silent conning tower of an attack submarine in the air. highest alarm condition. As Bill Baldridge races against time to pursue our nation’s deadliest enemy, we’re forced to ask ourselves serious real-world questions: Does cutting the defense budget jeopardize national security our family?

The story of a warship that suddenly disappears due to nuclear fission, leaving the other ships in its group behind, is quite scary, and at the same time very complicated and sudden. The US Navy tries to solve the mystery, giving the cause to a man and the problem of what to do with this killer when he is finally caught because he is a very intelligent and pre-existing person. So far has a positive relationship with the Navy. Admiral Morgan is the main character in the book alongside the President and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as they chase this killer across the oceans.

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