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Oathkeeper is the sixth book in the Bravelands series by author Erin Hunter.
The Great Herd is the fused Titan – now so powerful that even Fearless, who vowed to avenge his father’s death, could not defeat the rogue lion alone. Thorn may have a plan to destroy the Titans, but the animals of Brave Land must decide how much risk they are willing to take – and who they are willing to lose.

Full of epic adventure and thrills, Bravelands will thrill listeners who love the Spirit Animals and Wings of Fire series, as well as the legion of devoted fans who made Erin Hunter a best-selling phenomenon. best.

In this book, the Titan, now allied with the wolves, is lurking in the Dead Forest, although the details are not clear at first. However, we soon found out when Fearless visited Mighty. He brought up the idea of ​​an alliance, but was rejected. While there, however, he discovers Valor already has cubs. He learns of Mightypride’s bad luck and helps them. However, the next time we see him visit, the Titan comes and challenges Mighty. Titan wins by trick. Fearless took over and took the pride away. They were ambushed by wolves along the way, but survived.

Meanwhile, Sky goes to find Thorn, who told the plan. Thorn wants to convince the crocodile to attack Titan. His hope is to summon a Great Gathering and hope the Titan shows up to force leadership. The leaders must stand in the water, and when the Titans do, the crocodile will attack. He finds Rip, the leader of his team. However, at the Gathering, the crocodile rebelled and killed Rip. The elephants trampled back
Titan, who ran away.
They arrive at the Ancestral Plains and bravely confront the Titans. After the battle, when Thorn and the others found him, they found the Titan dead. Fearless died soon after.

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