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The Neighbor is the third book in the Detective D.D. Warren by famous author Lisa Gardner. A beautiful blonde young woman disappears without a trace from her South Boston home, leaving her four-year-old child as the sole witness and secret husband. Detective D. D. Warren comes to the Joneses to investigate this case. Discover the dangers that are always lurking closer than you think, you never know what the secret behind the door is.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Neighbor audiobook by KSK

Listen to “Say Goodbye” first

I really liked this book, so much so that immediately after finishing it I downloaded and listened to “Say Goodbye”, also by Lisa Gardner. “Say Goodbye” is well written and well narrated, so I recommend it with a caveat: it does deal with child sexual abuse, and includes some truly horrible and heartbreaking scenes, so the listener should be forewarned.
One thing I didn’t see mentioned in the overview of “The Neighbor” or in any of the other reviews, is that one of its key plot points is a continuation of one of the key plot points of “Say Goodbye”. I figured this out pretty early on while listening to “Say Goodbye”, so parts of the book weren’t as suspenseful or surprising as they might have been otherwise. Bottom line, I recommend both books, but definitely recommend listening to “Say Goodbye” first. Just know what you’re getting into, because it can be hard to take!

Review 2: The Neighbor audiobook by Scott

First Rate Thriller

I’ve heard Gardner’s name for years, now I know why. I’ll definitely get whatever else is available. First she turns the tables by making it a “who-didn’t do it?” with too many suspects. She is able to add some mild eroticism with character thoughts and clothing without typical bodice ripping “play-by-play” specifics that many wish (as Gardner does) to leave to the reader’s imaginations to fill in.
I could only put this book down long enough to let my device recharge! The characters are not cardboard (for a thriller).
One character voices an opinion about how we lump “sex offenders” together unlike ANY other crime… EVEN murderers who we sort into 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. Some pay their debt and are forgiven. (The book elaborates better than I.)
To be clear I agree that any sex offense, especially against a child, is a very heinous crime indeed.
Back to the book, the book is extremely well produced with three narrators smoothly edited, (a true audio treat) lending the “third person” realism. If this is typical Gardner give me more! Wow!

Review 3: The Neighbor audiobook by Linda

Absolutely strange.

This is one of the strangest books I have ever read. The wife who disappears evokes little sympathy. I don’t think I could have stood listening to any more of her adultery. The husband was strange, as well. I don’t think his reactions were natural at all. Detective Warren gave us too much information on her sex life (or lack thereof). Who cares? And she jumped to the wrong conclusions based on nothing. The women in this book were not likable at all. But then the men weren’t likeable either. Everyone had such far-out thoughts and actions that it was quite off-putting. I found the part of the story about the sex offenders offensive and I didn’t want to know that much about their thoughts. The most interesting person was the 4-year old but I thought her dialogue was not realistic or natural. All in all, I could not recommend this book.

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