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Shadowever is a fictional classic novel. It is the fifth installment in the Fever novel series. The author of this novel is Karen Marie Moning. She is a prolific author and provided audience with some great entertainment through her novels where Bloodfever is one of her novels to look for. You will also have a great literary sitting with her Kingdom of Shadow and Light novel.

The book is narrated by the duo of Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante. It was a good performance and you really would like to have the characters sound that way.

MacKayla Lane was only a little child when she and Alina, her sister were given up for adoption. They evacuated from Ireland forever. After a period of a couple of decades, Alina is found dead and Max in the meantime makes a return to her country which banished them to look for the murderer of her sister. But, once she finds out that she descends from a specific bloodline which is both cursed and gifted then Mac has lurched into a very secret history. It was all about a significant ancient conflict that was between the immortals and humans. It was about them who lived concealed among all of us for some thousands of years.

The thing that follows then onwards is a very shocking chain of events with some really devastating consequences. Mac is having a hard time now dealing with the grief while still going on with her mission of acquiring the Sinsar Dubh.

The story of this novel is tempting and it would not be hard to follow at all. The narration o the book was done brilliantly as well where you will be impressed with the tonal quality and expression of the performance.

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