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“The Siege of Skyhold” is the fifth installment in the “Mage Errant” series by John Bierce, and is narrated by Ralph Lister. The book follows the continued adventures of Hugh, a young mage attending a prestigious wizarding school. In The Siege of Skyhold, Hugh and his friends must defend their school and the kingdom from a powerful army of goblins and other dangerous creatures. The tension builds as Hugh realizes that the goblin army’s true intent is to take control of the academy’s ancient and powerful magical artifacts. With the fate of the kingdom resting on their shoulders, Hugh and his friends must use all of their skills and knowledge to defeat the goblin army before it’s too late. Throughout the story, Bierce’s writing is characterized by humor, action, and adventure, making it an entertaining listen for fans of fantasy novels. Lister’s narration is engaging and brings the characters to life, making it easy for the listener to become fully immersed in the story. “The Siege of Skyhold” is an excellent addition to the “Mage Errant” series and will leave listeners eager to hear what comes next in Hugh’s journey.

Havath Dominion is waging war.

Humiliated in the ruins of Imperial Ithos, with the Exile Splinter stolen from their grasp by the ancient sphinx Kanderon Crux, the Duarchs of Havath assembled an army that overwhelmed the entire population of Skyhold. Led by the Great Powers, individual monsters and wizards capable of razing cities, they pose a threat that even Kanderon, one of the Greatest Powers, and monstrous allies her equally unstoppable.

As the Havathi forces drew closer and closer to the Skyhold, Hugh and his friends practiced relentlessly, hoping to make a difference in the coming siege. However, while they ventured into the dangerous realms of untested experimental magic, they got caught up in currents far beyond their control.

Once you are a pawn in the game of the Great Powers, there is no way out.

Mage Errant is purely entertaining, I came across this series by accident when book 1 came out and each one gets better and better, I can’t put this down, I’ve been struggling to finish any work. what to do on the day it came out. Loved every moment of the story, the growth of the characters, and the explosive top-notch action battles.

On par with the last book in the best book of the series. In this book, everything grows to scale, and so do the consequences of each action. I can’t wait to read the next book in this strange tale of magic and revolution.

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