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“The Violence Inside Us” is an op-ed written by Chris Murphy published in The New York Times. In this article, Murphy argues that gun violence is not just a result of individual acts of mental illness or evil but is a larger societal problem. He suggests that the root cause of gun violence is a culture of violence in the United States, which is perpetuated by a cycle of fear, anger, and hatred in American society. He offers a framework for addressing this issue, including the need for gun control legislation, better mental health services, and a cultural shift towards de-escalation and nonviolence. Murphy emphasizes the need for individuals to take action and come together to address this pervasive issue.

The Violence Inside Us – Audiobook Online By: Chris Murphy

Has America always been a violent nation? This sweeping history by US senator Chris Murphy explores the origins of our violent impulses, the origins of our obsession with guns, and the myths that prevent us from facing the crisis nation.

In many ways, the United States sets the pace for other countries to follow. However, when it comes to the most important human concern – the need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from physical harm – America is not the leader. We are worryingly backward. To deal with this problem, we must first understand it. In this thoughtfully researched and deeply moving book, Senator Chris Murphy dissects our nation’s violent history and the role of our unique obsession with guns in the modern world. translate this country.

Murphy tells the story of his profound personal transformation after the Newtown mass murder, and how he then becomes immersed in the complex web of influences that fuel violence in America. Murphy comes to the conclusion that while America’s relationship with violence is indeed unique, America is not immune to violence. Even detailing the reasons we have suffered so much bloodshed for so long, he explains that we have the power to change. Murphy takes on familiar arguments, wiping out old talking points and charting the path to a fresh, less polarizing conversation about violence and the weapons that trigger it – one that we We desperately need to transform the national dialogue and save lives.

I will listen to this book again. I am amazed that a politician can be so well informed and able to write about such a complex subject with such clarity. I spent 6 years of my life in college trying to understand what I saw while working in prisons. After that course, I was so frustrated with agenda – driven politicians that we had data that proved their agenda was a failed agenda. Why? Acclaim. Chris Murphy. I hope this book becomes a must – read for everyone. Regardless of which side of the issue you’re on, you’ll be able to read this book and gain some of the perspective you’ve had before. There is a lot of knowledge in this book. Well worth the time and money.

America has an irrationally ignorant relationship with guns that politicians use for ambitious purposes. The needless Second Amendment prostitution to sell guns and get votes has costlessly cost hundreds of thousands of Americans with their lives. The mentality of the average citizen who feels the need to own one or several guns to feel complete should be considered as it can reveal quite a bit about the fabric of America. In a word, there is no other country on earth that has such a provision in its constitution and therefore does not have an equal rate of violence (murder and suicide) with guns.

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