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The Wrecking Crew is a spy thriller that follows the story of Matt Helm, a former private investigator turned CIA operative, as he navigates a dangerous web of espionage and deception during the height of the Cold War. The novel is set in 1960s Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and features a complex plot involving a group of Soviet spies who are attempting to steal top-secret information from the United States government.

The story begins with Matt Helm, who has been recruited by the CIA to infiltrate a group of Soviet spies who are suspected of planning a major heist in Los Angeles. Posing as a wealthy playboy, Helm befriends the group’s leader, a beautiful and deadly woman known only as “The Wrecking Crew.” As he gains the trust of the group, Helm discovers that their true intentions are far more sinister than he initially suspected, and he must use all of his skills and resources to stop them before it’s too late.

The Wrecking Crew is a classic spy thriller that combines elements of action, suspense, and romance to create a gripping and entertaining read. With its vivid settings, intricate plot, and memorable characters, it is a must-read for fans of the genre.

The second part of Matt Helm’s legendary horror film.

Matt Helm, codename Eric, was recently reactivated as an agent for a secret American government organization after 15 years as a sedentary photographer and family man in Santa Fe , New Mexico. On his first mission after returning to service, he is sent to Sweden to eliminate Caselius, a longtime enemy agent. To do that, he must leave behind a trace of the body.

First released during the era of James Bond novels, Matt Helm’s novels were considered grittier and more realistic than Bond, receiving critical acclaim and a passionate audience.

In the second book of the series, Helm’s character is firmly established. He’s in Sweden, so we get quite a comparison between the two countries, what he thinks makes sense and what doesn’t. Furthermore, he’s working with another agency, who thinks his job – finding and killing bad guys – makes him a monster. Several darkly ironic situations arise that demonstrate the need for men like Helm and why his services exist. They may not like or respect him, but when the bad guys don’t play by their rules, they need him – the most important theme of the series.

Hamilton nails his way across the landscape and wilderness of Sweden. I’m currently reading “On Guns and Hunting” a collection of his hunting stories. So far I’ve read two books, “The Arctic Hunt” and “The Great Algae Hunt” (or something similar). Both have been published in magazines and each appears in this book. In other words, he describes hiking through the land so well because he actually did it. Of course, he’s hunting birds and elk, but it’s still…

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