This Is War/ Cats vs. Robots, Book 1

The book “This Is War – Cats vs. Robots, Book 1” is a middle-grade novel that delves into the longstanding war between cats and robots. The story follows the Robot Federation and the Feline Empire, who have been engaged in a galaxy-spanning conflict for ages. The central mission for both sides is to retrieve the Singularity Chip, a device that grants cats extended lives and robots eternal battery life.

Amidst this intergalactic struggle, twin siblings Max and Min Wengrod find themselves caught up in the chaos. While Min excels academically and enjoys building robots, Max is more inclined towards leisure activities like gaming. When Max rescues two kittens and decides to keep them, it sets off a chain of events that could jeopardize Min’s chances at the Battle of the Bots competition.

As hidden forces come into play within their own home and the larger war between cats and robots looms closer to Earth, the twins must navigate their differences to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

New York Times bestselling author Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson’s hilarious middle-grade debut has it all: robot overlords, secret feline agents, and earthlings facing disaster. real disaster.

With examples of why coding is fun and other STEM applications cleverly woven into a fun and insightful story about looking beyond binary terms, this is the ultimate novel. Perfect theory for fans of House of Robots and The Tapper Twins.

The Robot Federation and the Cat Empire have been at war for ages. Now, that war is coming to a small, primitive planet: Earth. The mission of both cat and robot: retrieve the Singularity Chip. With it, cats can live for nine lifetimes and the robot is powered by a permanent battery.

Meanwhile, twin brothers Max and Min Wengrod are completely different. Min always gets good grades and she likes reading and building robots. Max hates school and enjoys playing games and spending time online with friends.

When Max rescues the two kittens and is determined to keep them, Min is horrified that these furballs could ruin her changes in the Battle of the Bots competition. But with hidden forces at work in their own home and a bigger war between cats and robots fast approaching, can the twins put aside their differences before they get caught up in the crossfire? painting?

This book has a non-binary character and the authors spend a page and a half explaining what that means. There is no mention of sex. It’s not rough. The character just explains that they don’t feel like they’re a girl or a boy, that they don’t want to be put in a box. The example given was “you’re a girl so you must like the color pink and be bad at math”, a statement that is not always (or even often) true.
One reviewer said they talk about the bathroom as if it were a terrible thing. Every child uses the bathroom. The character says that it’s not really a problem for them because most places have family bathrooms, meaning anyone can use it. Simple question. Simple answer.
I am a 62 year old grandmother. I’ll be fine reading this with the grandkids. Start a good conversation regardless of your perspective. Plus, this is a really good story from a children’s author we respect.

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