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This Is Where I Leave You is a novel written by American author Jonathan Tropper, published in 2009. The story follows Judd Foxman, the middle brother of the Foxman family, who is called home to sit shiva after their father’s death. The novel is arranged into seven sections, each representing one day of shiva. During this week spent in close quarters with his siblings, mother, neighbors, and past girlfriends, Judd must confront past mistakes and new responsibilities as resentments boil and secrets emerge. Tropper’s blend of wry humor and deep emotional punches about love, grief, family, and coming to terms with the past made the book a New York Times bestseller and a successful feature film in 2014.

Judd learns from his older sister Wendy that their father Mort has died and wants them to sit shiva for seven days. As Judd leaves for his childhood home, he receives news from his wife Jen that she is pregnant. At their father’s funeral, Paul gives the eulogy while Phillip arrives late. Tension is immediately palpable as the family gathers at the Foxman home. Hillary tries to console Judd but he pushes her away. Over the next few days, Judd goes to the bank to withdraw money from his joint checking account with Jen, imagines attracting women, has vivid dreams involving his father and various women, skates with Penny at the skating rink, sits outside with Wendy by the pool while she saves Horry from drowning, recalls high school memories with Paul and Horry at the amusement park, fights with Wade at a movie theater, and drinks with his brothers.

Throughout the week-long shiva period, Judd confronts past mistakes and new responsibilities while dealing with family secrets and resentments. He learns that Alice is trying to have a baby but has been unable to conceive due to miscarriages; Penny reveals that she still lives in Elmsbrook working at the Foxmans’ sporting goods store; Wendy rekindles her relationship with Horry; Phillip sleeps with old girlfriends; Alice asks Judd for sperm to have a baby; Jen calls him from the hospital worried about her pregnancy; Paul leaves after an argument with Judd about their past; Tracy dumps Phillip for cheating on her; Linda leaves with her kids saying goodbye to Horry; and Shiva officially ends. In the final scene of the novel, Judd drives away in Phillip’s Porsche headed to Maine finally able to embrace the future even if he doesn’t know what it holds.

Judd Foxman hasn’t had a good year. Shortly after catching his wife in bed with his boss (a Howard Stern-like DJ for whom he worked as a producer), he learns that his father has passed away. Not only must Judd attend the funeral, but he must also fulfill his father’s dying request to sit shiva for seven days with the rest of his eccentric family, including his sex therapist mother. , brother Paul (who is married to Judd’s high school sweetheart), sister. Wendy and her youngest brother Phillip, who leads a carefree, hedonistic life. While some of the plotlines may seem cliche (namely catching your wife up with your boss), this book is not. The dialogue between family members is very realistic, witty and caustic. And just as you’re laughing hysterically during one scene, the next scene hits you with the vulnerability and authenticity of Judd’s emotions.

Narrator Ramon de Ocampo brings the right tone to this novel written from the dry and defeated Foxman’s point of view but his nasal voice is distracting at times and can even seem feminine . Besides that, his pacing is perfect, as well as his voice changing according to the different characters’ lines, he really shines as Judd’s mother and some of the men Do Elderly Thai stopped by to pay his respects.

Jonathan Tropper has a gift for words. He can easily describe a simple situation with colorful details and give some perspective.

I couldn’t imagine that a topic as serious as the death of a parent and a spouse having an affair could be written in the most entertaining and humorous style.

I loved the roles of all the characters…paul, Wendy, Judd, Phillip, Jen, Wade, Alice, penny, Hillary, Tracy, sorry, Boner…

However, the author uses a lot of sex…which he could have toned down a bit.

From the twists and turns in the story, it is clear that the novel was written with the prospect of later releasing a film based on the novel.

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