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In “Those Left Behind – Zombie Fallout 10,” written by Mark Tufo, the story revolves around the Talbot clan’s struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The book follows the aftermath of a fateful decision that could either unravel everything the Talbot family has achieved or lead them to safety. As some members are lost, others return, and the narrative delves into their fight for existence and their efforts to remember those who didn’t make it.

The plot explores themes of resilience, sacrifice, and the bonds that hold families together in times of crisis. With an overall rating of 4.5 stars, the book is a significant addition to the Zombie Fallout series, offering readers a gripping tale of survival against all odds.

One fateful decision – that was all that was needed to unravel all that the Talbot clan had achieved or fulfill their wish for safety. Many people go astray, but many also return; This is the story of their struggle for survival and a tribute to those who stayed behind.

Zombie Fallout 10: That Left Behind is just as exciting as the other installments. From day one, it was clear that Mike Talbot was unique and full of witty sarcasm. He continues to hold the world and the fate of his loved ones in his hands knowing that one mistake or judgment could bring it all down around him. We say goodbye to some longtime favorites and see the return of some not-so-favorites (won’t spoil anything here). BT proves himself more than capable of handling Knox in a hilarious yet unique way, then steps aside so Mike and Knox can determine who has the biggest lie… and is trustworthy most reliable in a deadlock situation.

I’ve watched Mark Tufo grow as a writer mercilessly working with his audience, subjecting them to moments of humor, darkness, and wry wit. He weaves his stories very well and connects them expertly. Tufo gets nervous even when you know what’s going to happen next because he spins it slightly and elicits the response “I didn’t really see that coming.” His characters continue to develop and show more of their true nature and gut courage. Tufo created and developed Talbot, BT and Trip in many ways that make them more life-like. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Talbot, BT, and Trip picked as the best people to be stuck in the apocalypse.

Tufo, as usual, keeps the listener off balance but this time with an archenemy that has turned a new page… Don’t miss this book, the darkness begins again but more intense and with Exciting action scenes. As a storyteller, Tufo is a craftsman who hones his craft and his books with precision – his inner dialogues are brilliant and unfortunately for some of us – sound realism about money!

As usual, the narrator, Sean Runnette, takes the book and owns it Talbot style. He attracts listeners and keeps them there with his talent and skill in bringing Mike, BT and other characters to perfection. His voice is clear and he pulls off Talbot’s witty one-liners deftly, almost as if it were second nature.

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