Thou Shall Not Hide/ Fold Series, Book 2

Thou Shall Not Hide is the second book in the Fold Series by Sabrina B. Scales. The novel follows the story of Jada, a woman who is trying to escape her past and start anew. However, her plans are disrupted when she meets the charming and enigmatic Kaleb. As their relationship develops, Jada finds herself drawn into a world of danger and intrigue that threatens to expose her secrets.

As Jada navigates this treacherous new reality, she must confront her past and come to terms with the choices she has made. With Kaleb by her side, she discovers that sometimes the only way to move forward is to confront the darkness within.

Filled with twists and turns, Thou Shall Not Hide is a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and redemption that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Overall, Sabrina B. Scales weaves a compelling narrative that explores themes of identity, forgiveness, and the power of love in Thou Shall Not Hide, making it a must-read for fans of romantic suspense novels.

Even the struggle is saved by finding its way through love. This is certainly possible for the youngest child and only son of the Fold family, Chadwick.

Finding love was never on Chad’s to-do list, until he held Taya in his arms on the dance floor and watched God laugh at his plans. She is beautiful in a way that attracts his eyes and heart. The strange feelings that wouldn’t fade away made him doubt his sanity.

They were both too young to understand that any of this could be true. So they came and went and came back again until there was nowhere left to hide.

Take a journey of exploration, discovery and everything in between in the defining love story in the second season of The Fold!

Sabrina B. Scales did a great job with Chad and Taya’s friendship-to-lovers story. The two seem a bit immature at first but they solve their problems first with the help of their families and real friends! As with all new relationships, they both don’t communicate well at first by trying to protect themselves from hurt, but eventually they have to risk their hearts to find the happiness they both want. all deserve it. Jakobi Diem and Wesleigh Siobhan’s performances are always phenomenal!

This is a nice story about new love. I like Taya and Chad. ‘Thou shalt not hide’ is well written with interesting characters and a flowing story. My complaint is that the ending makes no sense. No spoilers, so I’ll just say that if a man claims to be truly interested in you, then leaves (literally) in your moment of need and then returns without giving a word. real explanation…he’s probably not the man for you . Just saying

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