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“Though Not Dead” by Dana Stabenow is the 18th book in the Kate Shugak series, which follows the adventures of Aleut private investigator Kate Shugak in Alaska. In this installment, Kate is faced with a complex case involving a missing park ranger, a murdered environmentalist, and a decades-old mystery that threatens to unravel the tight-knit community of Niniltna. As Kate delves into the investigation, she uncovers long-buried secrets and confronts powerful forces determined to keep them hidden. With her sharp wit, resourcefulness, and unwavering determination, Kate navigates treacherous terrain both literal and figurative to solve the case and bring justice to those who deserve it.

This 18th novel in the Kate Shugak series features dozens of characters, from a bipedal thug and a former “funny girl” to a Chanel-clad librarian and a soft-spoken aunt light. Two or three characters appear as decrepit old people and – in flashbacks from half a century ago – as teenagers. Against the backdrop of a complex web of characters, narrator Marguerite Gavin’s ability to distinguish each voice is extremely impressive.

Gavin here takes on a role she has portrayed in several of Stabenow’s other novels: Kate Shugak, a no-nonsense Aleutian private detective. In the tradition of the strictest of procedures, Kate doesn’t look for trouble – trouble will find her. Gavin voices our hero with the perfect combination of brittle toughness, hidden vulnerability and the distinctive stubborn ferocity of an ass-kicker who also stands under 5-foot-3 and weighs 110 pounds. Kate has the broad, tough attitude and quintessential analytical mind that make for a P.I. great, but Gavin also understands how to portray Kate’s unique character in the detective novel genre: Kate is not just a female private detective; she is also Native American.

Stabenow, who grew up in southern Alaska near the Chugach National Forest, deeply understood the values of the Aleutian community she was describing, as well as the motivations of the “park rats” who lived in the Chugach. Asking a rat in the park what brought it to Alaska is considered the height of rudeness in this culture. Knowing this, Gavin conveys the reserve in his voice – the reticence to speak up, to say more than he should, to trust someone – extremely effectively. As the mystery unfolds, Gavin’s voice never reveals the next plot twist that’s about to happen. Even when Stabenow’s descriptions veer toward the boring, Gavin finds a way to make the details stand out and engage the listener, providing a satisfying listening experience for fans of the novel. crime theory. -Maggie Frank.

We are all lucky to have the writing gift of Dana Stabenow in our time. She makes the land of Alaska and its people come alive even for those of us landless Midwesterners who may never set foot on its docks or its that trail. If you love the natural side of life and real people with heart, soul and human affairs- if you enjoy standing on the shoulders of a chef like Kate Shugak as she cooks sumptuous meals Composed, delicious–if you love the bond between humans and animals and you can handle strong women–then the Kate Shugak series is for you. You’ll love Mutt, her wolf dog; you’ll love Kate’s Aunts – Native American elders shrouded in legend and boundless kindness. In Although Not Dead, Kate does have a lot of head injuries, but I don’t find the head injuries any less plausible than the accounts of Mutt’s travels through family life – on the plane, in the text. room and loyalty like Lassie ever was. In this story, Stabenow weaves a complex story and her style of going back and forth between ages and voices works for me – even the third part of “braids” is Jim’s story in Their hometown in sunny California seems to “go together” easily. . It is rich with maritime artifacts, Alaskan history, human conflicts with class and family, love and hate amid paths of certainty, steadfastness and progress. Even losing Old Sam, but look how much Kate learned about him through his death. I didn’t want the book to end. I left the last few pages unread just because I didn’t want to leave these characters. For me, a writer transcends the cover of their book when the characters stay with the reader and in the days that follow, the reader finds themselves quietly asking- I wonder what Kate’s cooking in the cabin tonight?

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