A Memory of Light

Wheel of time move and the season change along with it changes the fate of the people that are attached to it.  Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson depicts the story is such a manner that though the parts are not associated quite deeply with respect to the continuity of the story but still the progress in neat and complete.  The Eye of the World also possesses certain things that could be termed as common in the two novels.

This is the fourteenth book of the series and still no one has been able to control the wheel though human beings are trying one generation after the other. The two narrators Michael Kramer and Kate reading work in a nice coordination as they try to separate the male characters from the female ones with the help of their pitch and voice quality. Both of them also have given proper time to the other and thus we don’t feel their voices colliding all the time and making a mess of the story at the same time.

The series helps us to relive the old times that we have only read about in the past. The difference is that this time those incidents are mixed with the present era as we are told about the dragons once again. Dragons start roaming the earth along with other creatures and we are never allowed to think about the things that are happening in the novel. This is because the writer introduces everything very quickly; the listener can do nothing except to surrender himself before the development of the novel. The dawn of a new age every time also keeps the newness in the series alive.

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