A Shadow Bright and Burning, Kingdom on Fire, Book 1, Audiobook

A Shadow Bright and Burning, Kingdom on Fire, Book 1, Audiobook by Author Jessica Cluess.

So glad I found this book!
I’ve been looking for a new book for months and just came across this one and it’s now a top favorite. I’ve always loved whole magic scenes like Harry Potter and the like and this one created a strong female character who doesn’t get carried away with a love story to the point of spoiling the action and theism. hero! This is like a collection of all my favorite pieces from iconic big movies like Harry Potter magic, the starving action game, and a bit of pride and evolving prejudice. figure. Can’t wait to hear the second book, will be dead for the third!

sounds interesting for those who love magic
A very interesting story – a good new creation about magic. Very good narrator – did a great job with the characters. If you like Victorian England with its magic, this is the story for you. My only negative is that the series is unfinished so you have to wait for the book to be released.

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