A Shot Rolling Ship – John Pearce Book 2

A Shot Rolling Ship is the second novel in the John Pearce series by author David Donachie. The content of the book is about John Pearce Joining King George’s navy for the second time in a month. Brother John Pearce worked aboard the HMS Griffin, sailing the Channel in search of countless French privateers stalking British merchant ships. He must find a way off the ship to rescue his ailing father from the dangerous revolution in Paris.

By inciting mutiny, he hopes to escape the ship undetected. But traveling to France, John Pearce discovers that his worst fears have come true. All he can do is return to Griffin and the correct answer lies in this fascinating work.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- In this book, John Pearce and his crew find themselves aboard the HMS Griffin, a sluggish ship. The ship was tasked with preventing French privateers from raiding British merchant ships in the English Channel. In 1793 John was trying to save his father from the guillotine in Paris when he was captured by a gang of Press at a London pub called the Pelican. The men captured with him called themselves Pelicans. In this book, John is still trying to save his father and is serving on a naval ship in the English Channel. Will he succeed in rescuing his father?

The book with its memorable characters and great action moments is quite engaging. Donachie brings his characters to life. The story is well paced and engaging.

02- This is a good story in the John Pearce series by author David Donachie. The plot is well developed and a lot of extra plot content is not relevant. The action is rich and lots of fun. Disrespect for authority, never tolerated in the British navy of the 19th century, goes beyond fading and creating a hole of its own in the protagonist becoming very tired. John Pearce’s rapid rise from a pressed landlord to a naval lieutenant, absorbing practical knowledge of the sea – is a remarkable expansion in one’s imagination. Even though John was denigrated, the story was still interesting and full of twists and turns of the story.

03- This is the second novel in Donachie’s John Pearce series. John Pearce is the son of Adam Pearce, a famous public speaker. His subjects were liberty and the end of monarchy. As the French Revolution began, Adam Pearce became bolder in his speeches against the king. When he exceeded the government’s patience, warrants were issued for the arrest of Adam and his son John. Adam flees to France and John hides from British government agents.

In this novel, Pearce continues to try and win freedom for the Pelicans. Pearce felt that HMS Griffin was not a happy ship. Very little chance of catching enemy ships and earning bonuses. The ship is captained by a lieutenant, this job is like a dead end for his career. A born leader of men, Pearce began to cause disobedience among the crew. Pearce’s need to disembark was to learn that his father was imprisoned in France and in danger of being guillotined.

The novel is about unfortunate British marines. They would sneak up to the main deck in the dark. They put a cannonball rolling on the deck. The whole ship will hear the sound of the bullet. As the ship rocked in the night, the cannonball would endanger anyone who happened to be on deck. When Griffin returned to port, the captain dealt with his problem with Pearce in an unusual way. He promoted Pearce to a feeder, and Pearce left the ship. The scene where Pearce leaves the ship as an officer destroys Pearce’s credibility with the Pelicans.

Pearce goes to France to try to save his father from the guillotine. Can he save his father? What did he learn along the way about freedom, freedom, and leadership? John Pearce is a born leader of men. He often causes trouble for himself due to his outspoken personality. Pearce’s rise from an impressive seaman to an officer. He continued to try to get justice for his comrades and avenge the officers who treated him unfairly.

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