A Song of Shadows – Audiobook Online, A Charlie Parker Thriller

A Song of Shadows – Audiobook Online, A Charlie Parker Thriller by Author John Connolly.

I really enjoyed the series but (for me) Parker seemed to have drifted through many books before that. ‘Parker on a Mission’ is one of the more interesting aspects of the series and he seems to have lost that for a while. The events in ‘Wolf in Winter’ and this book have put him back to his advantage and, although still recovering, he is much more driven and lethal than he was before.

The supernatural element is still there, but there seems to be more emphasis (I can’t think of a better word). Parker’s relationship with his daughters is both touching and unsettling. The scenes with Angel & Louis are still great, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Parker’s connection to The Collector plays out in the next book I just downloaded.

Excellent narration; Jeff Harding has always been great.

Overall, these last 2 books have really renewed my interest in the series and I’m excited for the next one.

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