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A Treacherous Tide – Online Audiobook, Hardy Boys Adventures, Book 21 by Author Franklin W. Dixon.

Detective brothers Frank and Joe dive deep into the Florida Keys to find a missing person in the 21st book in the Thrilling Adventures of the Hardy Boys franchise.

Frank and Joe Hardy have been invited on a conservation mission by a marine biologist at the Bayport Aquarium. The boys will be taking an all-expenses-paid trip to the lush and beautiful Florida Keys to help save the sharks!

But the purpose of the trip was suddenly thrown aside when a paddleboarder went missing and rumors began to spread that the disappearance was the result of a shark attack. After spending so much time learning about the local shark population, the Hardy Boys wouldn’t buy the story.

Frank and Joe will lose all of their recently gathered knowledge about sharks and their habitats to settle this case. Can they discover what’s really going on before it’s too late?
Really well.
My 11 year old grandson raved about it.. I downloaded it for a long plane ride. It helps him focus the whole trip.

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