A Very British Lord – Online Audiobook

A Very British Lord – Online Audiobook, The Stafford Sisters, Book 3 by Author G. L. Snodgrass.

A steamy Regency era romance

“She fell in love with her husband and now he’s leaving her.”

Lord Brookenham and Miss Isobel Stafford naturally rubbed together like thistle and horseshoe. They couldn’t share a ballroom or a living room without enlisting each other. For Isobel, he was too handsome and too manly for his own sake. As if he had been placed on this earth to let her down.

For Lord Brookenham, Isobel Stafford was too free and confident for a young girl. The antithesis of all he knows to be true about his world.

When she was invaded by a cad and scoundrel. No one was more surprised than Isobel when Lord Brookenham stepped forward to save her honor. Sacrificing her freedom and happiness to protect her from destruction. All Isobel wanted was a family of her own. To find true love and happiness like sisters. Instead, she found herself married to the Earl of Brookenham. While he agrees to give her the family she craves. He adamantly refused to give his heart to her.

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