An Awkward Commission – John Pearce Book 3

An Awkward Commission is the third novel in the John Pearce series by author David Donachie. John Pearce’s promotion means he is finally free to do as he pleases. But the same cannot be said for his trio of best friends. While Pearce was enjoying his passion in London, they moved to the Mediterranean. Feeling guilty for abandoning them, Pearce vows to free them from the brutal tyrant they serve.

His application to William Pitt saw him set sail with secret dispatches to Admiral Lord Hood. When Captain Ralph Barclay puts his crew’s lives at risk in a futile quest for glory, Pearce is forced to embark on a dangerous mission before he can free his friend.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- This is the third book in John Pearce’s 1790 series of naval books. In this book he hunts down his friends on HMS Leander commanded by a captain. HMS Brilliant commanded by Ralph Barclay was sent to the Mediterranean. Pearce was sent to the Mediterranean to serve as 8th lieutenant aboard HMS Victory, the flagship of Admiral Lord Hood. Action moved to Toulon port, tensions between the crew and the Captain increased, becoming acute when HMS Leander was separated from the fleet by order of Captain Horatio Nelson being forced to go to North Africa.

Book with exciting battles. The author knows his history and the book is well researched. Complicated story and power drama and intricate plots. Everyone who enjoys going to the beach will enjoy discovering this wonderful book.

02- This is your standard Royal Navy adventure. Given the height of political instability in France and political intrigue within the Navy and Parliament, concerns are raised.

I’m working my way through the series and when can I get to grips with them. The story begins with a couple randomly found on a market stall in Norfolk.
This is the third book in which the hero finds his way to Toulon as a new officer, employing political intrigues and participating in a glorious arrest, managing his own enemies.

03- John Pearce is angry with the world and takes his anger out on most of the people who don’t deserve it. Pearce made things worse for herself and her friends on her own, but blamed everyone but herself. The author makes for an interesting fictional character that you are likely to encounter in real life. Pearce’s stupidity, hateful anger, is often misplaced and leaves him forever in hot water. The reason I keep turning the pages is because of the interesting three-dimensional characters, interesting plot, and great storytelling. While the scenes, the whole story is predictable, you get there with rich descriptions of the setting, the people, the time, the politics, the Royal Navy, and some unexpected twists and turns.

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